what we offer you

Product Placement

We provide our press with samples and pictures of the collection to reach a high coverage.
(print / tv / online / social media)

Corporate PR and Feature Placement

We create stories about your brand and your products. We initiate interviews with designers and spokes persons of the company and transfer your philosophy and brand values to the public.

Social Media Cooperations

Bloggers are the relevant opinion leaders of nowadays and can immediately convey brand news.
It’s an effective tool to boost brand awareness and reach consumers. We are in close contact with the most important and influential bloggers and create individual cooperations for you.

Celebrity Endorsement

We are in the position to align your brand with a well-known face. We secure Celebrity
Endorsements for our brands, ensuring that the labels are seen on the most suitable personalities.

Events & Projects

Press Days, Shop Openings, Trade Fairs, Special Brand Events - whatever you may need, we have an extended network of creative professionals to set up any kind of event.