the foundation stone for the company we know today as schneiders bekleidung gmbh was laid in 1946 by the schneiders mantelfabrik in salzburg.

true to its motto „everywhere at home“, the company produces stylish, exclusive fashions that span the range between traditional and modern, with a quality that is always exceptional.

a classic, though avant-garde collection for men was presented in 1987 under the name of amadeus fashion.

the spirit of the past always lives in the present – this statement summarizes the schneiders philosophy like no other. substance, endurance, authenticity and innovation with a sense of tradition are our ingredients for success. subtle luxury and the understatement of high-quality workmanship and an artisan’s love for detail make the enduring value of our products clearly tangible. the finest of materials reflect what true class is all about: discrete luxury at second glance.

schneiders is a brand that draws its strength from the austrian and central european tradition – it reflects the spirit of our times without ever forgetting its roots.